Extra Activities





We are Baja lovers and we want to share our passion with our adoptive region. Some days, especially in the winter, dive conditions are not optimal so we like to plan other types of excursions for you.



Nature Walk in Cabo Pulmo


20 USD per person


In the afternoon, after your dives, we can take you on a nature walk in semi desertic landscapes in Cabo Pulmo. 


Distance is 2 kilometers approximately of easy hiking and you will be exlpained about the local flora (different types of cactus) and fauna (great birding)


Thierry is a local guide with extensive knowledge about the region and local ecosystem and history. 






Santa Rita Hot Springs


35 USD per person


One hour drive from Cabo Pulmo, you will find the natural hot springs of Santa Rita. 


When conditions are too windy for diving in Cabo Pulmo, this is a great tour to enjoy the day. 





Canyon de la Zorra Waterfall


35 USD per person


One hour drive from Cabo Pulmo, there is the Canyon de la Zorra waterfall, a natural wonder in the oasis of Santiago. 


It's also a great option when conditions are too rough for diving. This tour can be combined with Santa Rita Hot Springs.