La Paz



Diving La Paz will give you the opportunity to get close to her most famous local island, Isla Espiritu Santo. Most of the dive sites are located close to the island, and her main attraction, besides the beauties of the coastline and bays, is the sealion colony.




Sealions in Espiritu Santo are very friendly and make it an unforgettable dive experience.

It’s rare enough to mention that sealions are one of the only sea creatures who actually get in interaction naturally with divers and seem to enjoy the presence of divers to play with them.    


Some of the best dive sites are Suami reef, a shallow reef in the canal between the island and Tecolote beach near La Paz., which concentrates a great variety of fishes and corals. Also, two shipwrecks offer the opportunity to explore new reefs in La Paz, and attract a lot of sea life: Mobula rays have been spotted regularly on one of the shipwreck lately.




If the weather permits, dives can be programmed at El Bajo, an underwater pinnacle, starting at 60 feet (18 meters), where you can see pelagics, including occasional encounters with hammerhead sharks.




Dive conditions are similar to Cabo Pulmo, regarding depths, water temperature and visibility. However, the dive sites are further than in Cabo Pulmo, but the boat ride is a great opportunity to enjoy views from the bays of the island and schooling dolphins are a common sight in the vicinity of the island.



In the winter, a dozen of whale sharks gather in a specific area close to La Paz named “El Mogote“: Snorkeling only is permitted but swimming with the biggest fish on Earth is a magnificent experience you are not about to forget. Certain rules have to be followed to enjoy the presence of the whale sharks, which occurs between November and April.





Come visit La Paz with us and combine a few dives here with your Cabo Pulmo dive adventures to complete a beautiful Baja dive experience!