Extra activities




It’s not all about diving!


After dive activities can be programmed in Cabo Pulmo and the surrounding area.








One hour drive from Cabo Pulmo !


Come discover a lively desert and an oasis with waterfalls and hot springs to enjoy !





We love Sierra La Laguna, the natural protected area close to Cabo Pulmo: It represents the essence of the nature of Baja California and is a actual oasis in middle of the desert of Baja California. When not diving, we can take you on an adventure trip in the Sierra to get to know its people, the beauty of the oasis and even have a swim in the water springs.






Also, there is a very special place in the middle of the Sierra with natural hot springs which are a true reward after a few days of intense diving...

When it gets very windy in Cabo Pulmo and diving is made impossible, there is always the option to spend a day at the hot springs and enjoy some of the natural beauty.


At Mar y Sierra, we have SUP for rent and we also organize SUP adventure combined with snorkeling : A great way to stay in shape and discover new snorkeling spots in Cabo Pulmo.



SUP (Stand Up Paddle) has become a very popular sport in Baja California and it turned out to be a great way to explore shallow reefs from above. Arbolitos beach, 4 kilometers south of Cabo Pulmo is a prime spot to enjoy a beautiful afternoon paddle with a sunset over the mountains.















After diving for a few days in Cabo Pulmo, it’s a real treat to spend a day in the Sierra La Laguna: Eat local organic food, have a swim in a water spring and relax at the end of the day in a hot spring.


Let us show you the true Nature of Baja, the Baja life style we are so attached to.