Cabo Pulmo



Cabo Pulmo has become famous for being one of the only coral reefs in the North American west coast, but the quality of the diving is not limited to the coral reef:


Cabo Pulmo was declared a Marine Reserve about 20 years ago and diving Cabo Pulmo gives you the opportunity to discover a reef preserved for such a long period.



Dive sites are 10 minute boat ride from the beach, average depths are 50-60 feet (15 to 18 meters) and there are sites suitable for all levels of divers.


Visibilty varies a lot during the whole season, ranging from 20 feet in winter, to 100 feet in the summer / fall season.




Typically, we use 7mm wetsuit in the winter (from December to May) and shorties or 3mm in the summer / fall season.


One of the major event in Cabo Pulmo are the seasonal encounters.


Let us guide you to discover the best of Cabo Pulmo, and look for the most exciting marine encounters.








Mobulas rays abound in the winter months, migrating in large numbers and jumping all over the place. Whales make a spectacular surface interval experience. For the last few years, a massive school of jacks have chosen Cabo Pulmo, and more precisely “Los Morros” dive site as their new residence and they seem to like it very much !





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If you have question about Cabo Pulmo, contact us and we'll be happy to give you more infos about Cabo Pulmo.


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